GUIDE TO THE BOOK OF RAMADOSH. Anunnaki Ulema Supernatural Techniques, Lessons, Q&A and Discussions

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Can I take pictures of ghosts and spirits just to make sure that they do exist? Is it possible to summon the ghost or spirit of a dead relative? Is it possible to communicate with dead pets? How to Talk to Spirits, Ghosts, Entities, Angels and Demons: Techniques and Language of the Spirits: The most powerful commands and spells 3rd Edition This book will change your life and your understanding of the afterlife, for ever. This book is unique and extremely useful for many reasons. Mainly, because it provides both the experienced and the beginner with the necessary guidance, ways and techniques to communicate with various kinds and categories of entities.

People are very fond of their pets. And when they die, pet owners feel a great loss, and suffer enormously.

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Instructions and techniques on how to communicate with spirits. Volume 1 First Part of the series: How to summon and command spirits, angels, demons, afarit, Djinns. The book is inspired by the Anunnaki-Ulema, Allamah, and Sahiriin. Absolutely brand new information never revealed before, or mentioned in any book in the West or the East. There is no other book like it on earth!

This is the ultimate, forbidden and condemned book of the Sahiriin, the only masters of spiritism who in fact cracked the secrets and mysteries of calling upon angels, and commanding spirits and entities. For the first time in history, you will be able to contact the souls of dead people, converse with spirits, and command entities to fulfill your wishes and accomplish the impossible.

Instructions and techniques are explained step-by-step in a simple language everybody would understand. This book will change your life and future for ever, written by Maximillien de Lafayette, a legendary scholar and a mystic Ulema.

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  • GUIDE TO THE BOOK OF RAMADOSH. Anunnaki Ulema Supernatural Techniques, Lessons, Q&A and Discussions.

Volume 2 Final Part of the series: How to summon and command spirits, angels, demons, afarit, Djinns. It reveals the real techniques of magic and spirits summoning instructions shrouded in secrecy for 1, years. This volume includes: 1. Language of the Spirits and how to talk to a summoned entity. Magical writings to triumph, defeat your enemies, and stop black magic against you.

Talisman against fear and a bullying boss. Magical writing against powerful people who could be a threat to you. Magical writings for summoning the most powerful spirits. You, your life, your success, the Parallel Lines, and the spirits who control your fate. Volume 1 and Volume 2. A later version in Anakh-Pro-Ugaritic appeared three thousand years later. The book includes: Do we have one future or multiple futures? Are we trapped in this life? Are we the slaves of a Supreme Creator?. Can we change our future and create our own destiny, without upsetting God?

Can Bakht reading help us free ourselves and learn about our future? How can I find my true name Code ; the one the Anunnaki gave me before I was born? Techniques and chart for the best time to read your future Recommended days and hours for reading your Bakht The book has a complete Tarot deck, and shows you how to use it. Is it true some places or neighborhoods bring bad luck?

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The deck will tell you. Is it true bad spirits can manifest themselves while reading the Bakht? What do I need to put exactly in the Bakht reading to find out information about a person I am interested in? I want to know everything about that person? Is it possible?

Lesson and Technique. It was published eight times, and took the world of occult and esoterica by storm. Although it was abundant with easy to follow lessons and information, and written in a simple language, many readers could not digest everything they read in the book. So, we decided to republish the book as a series of 15 booklets, each one containing only one technique.

In this manner, the readers will fully concentrate on each technique without feeling lost in the immensity of information and abundance of concepts they are not familiar with. This booklet is the 4th tome of the series. Part 3: The last volume of the series.

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Partial contents: Techniques for bringing good luck to your life. Our life and destiny are governed by the general rules of the universe. How to understand these rules and use them to our advantage. Rizmanah; the calendar or our bad days and good luck. What we should and should not do on these days. Techniques for removing our bad luck. Daily charts of the good hours and bad hours in your life, around the clock. Charts of the bad hours in your life, around the clock.

Maps of cities, streets and neighborhoods that have negative currents and bad energy.

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Part 2 Volume 2 includes: Sources and levels of energy and vibrations 1. We are surrounded by energy and vibes. Who emits bad vibes that could disrupt the normal rhythm of our life, cause lots of damages, and bring bad luck? Corrupt and deceitful politicians and preachers. People who display anger, verbal abuse, violence, and cruelty toward animals, as well as tyrants and bullying bosses Employers.

Underachievers, bitter, cowards, employees with weak personality, people with low self-esteem, stubborn, and lazy. Pushers and distributors of narcotics, drugs and various addictive substances. Materialistic, greedy and selfish people. Specific places and areas that emit bad vibes that could negatively affect our life, business, health, and luck.

Learn the secret technique developed by the Anunnaki- Ulema, centuries ago, that enabled them to read the thoughts, intentions, and feelings of others. Technique for learning from sensing the vibrations of objects. Technique to discover days and hours that have good energy and bad energy, and how they affect your life, business, and success.

Technique for reversing the flux of bad energy, bad days, and bad hours. Grid 3: Calendar of your lucky hour. The 17 lucky years in your life. The eight unlucky years in your life. Powers and weaknesses of your name. How can you find your true name Code ; the one the Anunnaki gave me before you were born. How to protect yourself against others bad vibes and vicious plans.

Esoteric-mental practices to test your psychic ability. Everything around you affects your life, negatively or positively, and this includes, pets, people, objects, plants, the way your home is designed, absolutely everything. You might not know that some people, including good buddies and friends can bring you bad luck, and prevent you from succeeding in life. This book will tell you everything about these topics, and teach you how to change your life to better, and head toward success. Ruhaniyiin, Sahiriin, and Anunnaki Ulema taught us that the human body is a depot of everything that constitutes a person.

It is not only a physical organism, but a container of all aspects of a person, mentally, physically, spiritually, and metaphysically. People who hate your guts, those who envy your success, those who love to see you broke and miserable, and individuals who are mentally and spiritually bankrupt can cause you harm, just by thinking about hurting you. No, they are not masters of the power of mind, or great psychics. They are just bad people with strong negative vibes that you are sensible and sensitive to. Sometimes, dear friends, siblings, and relatives can do the same thing, without knowing, because they are not aware of the functioning of their Jabas.

Their bitterness, loneliness, financial insecurity, and negativity can disrupt the normal rhythm of your life, if they are around you. This is an absolute fact. Some people who, just by entering your room, and without touching anything, doing anything, or saying anything, can blow up your oven, freeze your computer, and even damage your health.

Their negative vibes are causing all this.

The book of ramadosh

You should be very careful when you are around people, and vice-versa. Some areas and neighborhoods are good for you, others awfully bad, for everything you do, including your health, relations with others, work and anything related to your present and future. You should know about these positive and negative zones, places, and neighborhoods.

You will find in this book, lists and addresses of some of these locations of these areas, as well as, maps reflecting the underground positive and negative currents that have major effects on you and your life in general 3-Do you feel unlucky? They try hard to come up with something that could change their lives to better, feel secure, but they always fail, despite their hard efforts, good intentions, and perseverance.

No matter what they do, there is no light at the end of the tunnel? How do we explain this? Is it bad luck?

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