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Anyone who doubts this should think back to the circovirus outbreak that hit 10 years ago. The experienced vet from Carthage, Illinois, has watched vaccines improve over the years. We need to learn how to better manage the immunity of the pig because, over time, we will have fewer antimicrobials to fall back on. Even with more attention to protocols, problems still exist with vaccine handling. Then there are the problems that occur during vaccination.

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While some large hog units hire specialised vaccination crews, Holtkamp has reservations about that approach. They usually get most of the pigs vaccinated because they are marked, but it may not be the full dose or in the right location. Some companies are looking at other ways to pay them.

I can see where someone may think half a job is good enough. Now the caregivers working with pigs every day often do not own the pigs. The full dose delivers the correct amount of antigen to the pig to create the proper immune response, Jansen explains.

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A partial dose obviously does not and is risky to use. We need to help people be successful vaccinating the pig.

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The animal-health company, Zoetis, is taking a more active role in ensuring the proper use of vaccines. Jansen helped develop the Vaccinologist Program by Zoetis, designed not only to train pig caregivers on vaccinations but also educate them about how vaccines work See sidebar. Madson echoes that sentiment.

The 3T's Alliance has published its latest conclusions on efficient solutions to end teeth reduction in piglets and young pigs. The 3T's Alliance has published its latest conclusions on efficient solutions to end painful procedures in piglets and young pigs. Then, in , I met Josh Rubin of the renowned coolhunting.

It was then that I started needlesandsins. My own baby. Needles and Sins is my personal hobby, not a for-profit venture. So I have the luxury of keeping to my original goal, which is to share cool shit I find on tattoos: new tattoo art, news items, what goes down at international conventions and other events, and naturally some tattoo law posts.

How do you find new material for the blog? I also find inspiration by going to conventions, looking through portfolios, and meeting artists and collectors. I really love these tattoo gatherings, and not just because there are a lot of half-naked people walking around. How long did it take for your blog to become as popular as it is now?

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I now use social media as an indicator to see what people are enjoying on the site, and also, interact with as many as I can. What kind of feedback do you get from your blog, does it vary from post to post? The feedback on what I post really varies. So I try to give a little something for everyone. Have you got any big projects planned for your blog, are you planning to expand it in any way?

I also want to bring on more contributors to share different voices within our community from around the world. Is it hard to juggle the blog and a career in law? What makes it hard is trying to provide value on both ends.

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Anyone can throw up a bunch of sub-stellar tattoo photos online and call it blogging. Anyone can show up to work and be a jerk and call it lawyering. Just kidding, fellow attorneys!

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That said, I love having these two facets of my life, the yin and yang of art and law. So the hard work is worth it. You write for many different tattoo publications and have been profiled in most of them too, has this affected your work in law in any way? For example, how other lawyers perceive you?

Has your association with the tattoo industry affected your law career positively? That translates to the work I do outside of tattoo-related issues. How about the other way around? How does your law career help your career in the tattoo industry? I love to exchange knowledge and ideas about legal issues that arise in the tattoo community.

All these things have enriched my career and also my personal life. I have a lot of fun doing it.