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Paris Looks to Depose Keepers of a Different Throne

He is also known for his work with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion. CNN says that Dragone was "one of the key architects of Cirque du Soleil's theatrical style", and that "while Cirque du Soleil's signature was contemporary circus , Dragone's solo work embodies more theater, dance -- and, of course, water" through the use of his "trademark" aquatic stages. Dragone was born in in Cairano , a small town in southern Italy.

Paris Looks to Depose Keepers of a Different Throne

As a student, Dragone was taught a wide range of topics and was allowed to choose his field of interest. Dragone chose the arts.

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In the s he studied theatre at the Belgian Royal Conservatory of Mons. The theatre works he helped create expressed social situations, interpreting true stories of the homeless, drug addicts, and prison inmates, and casting non-actors who shared their stories to perform in the shows.

In the s, Dragone came to Montreal, Quebec , Canada, [1] [3] in pursuit of "a beautiful girl". Caron, in turn, asked Dragone to join as a creator. From the years to , Dragone would direct nearly all of Cirque du Soleil's most prestigious shows [2] and played a significant role in developing Cirque du Soleil's distinctive merging of theater and circus performance.

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The shows Dragone created with Cirque du Soleil had single-handedly brought the contemporary circus movement into the mainstream of American entertainment. For this show he used performers mainly from disciplines related to gymnastics. The show, which incorporates various design elements such as fire, water effects, and atmospheric effects, premiered on 17 September On March 29, , Dragone was awarded a doctor honoris causa degree for general merits by the University of Antwerp , in recognition of his innovative and cosmopolitan approach to theatre.

In Dragone's business group came under investigation by Belgian authorities for "serious and organized international tax offenses" and money laundering.

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The group's offices in Louvain, as well as the private homes of Franco Dragone, the group's CEO, its CFO and a former employee, were raided in October as part of the investigation. The Belgian investigating office suspected Dragone of fraudulently using a global network of shell companies to conceal assets in offshore tax havens to avoid paying taxes.

In a press conference addressing the investigation in January , Dragone claimed that the purpose of setting up this international structure had not been to commit fraud, but to avoid double or triple taxation by different countries. He added that he was ready to change his business' structure to provide more transparency. In early , Dragone produced, [2] created and directed Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation , a show that ran from February 28 through March 9, as the centrepiece event of the Qasr al-Hosn festival in Abu Dhabi.

The show celebrated Emirati history with technology, acrobatics, and traditional Emirati dance and music. The Han Show Theater, designed by Mark Fisher and inspired by the traditional red Chinese lantern, is 60 meters high, meters in diameter and houses more than seats.

The show involved waterfalls, fires, motorcyclists spinning inside a suspended metal sphere, acrobatics into water, and other features. By September , around million people had seen Dragone's work.

Concert review: Martha Wainwright at the Outremont Theatre; September 9, 2010

Dragone seeks to invoke a common language of "emotional archetypes" in his theatrical productions. According to Dragone, the influence of various painters and the theorist Antonin Artaud have pushed him toward a "concrete language intended for the senses", with the use of poetic visuals replacing the poetry of language. In cities the world over, men and, to a lesser extent, women who urinate in the street — al fresco — are a scourge of urban life, costing millions of dollars for cleaning and the repair of damage to public infrastructure.

And, oh, the stench. Befitting the country of Matisse, the urinal looks more like a modernist flower box than a receptacle for human waste. Even that was not deterrent enough, officials say. A small brigade of sanitation workers still has to scrub about 1, miles of sidewalk each day.

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And dozens of surfaces are splattered by urine, according to City Hall. Designed by Faltazi, a Nantes-based industrial design firm, its top section also doubles as an attractive flower or plant holder. This way, our future employees will be able to understand if our ecosystem is the right one for them The website insures our visibility among this sometimes hard-to-reach audience.

Les Secrets du Bois de Boulogne

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