Ravings Of A Looney!: Limericks For A Laugh

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Baile and Aillinn In the Seven Woods The Shadowy Waters. Responsibilities The Wild Swans at Coole Michael Robartes and the Dancer The Tower The Winding Stair and Other Poems New Poems Back Matter Pages He is one of the most significant literary figures of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in This is the definitive collection of his poems, encompassing the full range of his powers, from the love lyrics to the political poems, from poems meditating on the bliss of youth, to the verse that rails against old age.

Malcolm Tucker: You are a real boring fuck! Sorry, I know that you disapprove of swearing, so I'll sort that out: you are a boring eff-star-star-cunt. Mother Otter : Ah fff -phooey. Little Rock: Have you heard about Pacific Playland?

There are no zombies there. Columbus: The amusement park? Little Rock: Yep! Tallahassee: That place totally blows! Little Rock and Wichita give Tallahassee angry looks Tallahassee Just fun for the whole family. King Malbert: What are you doing? Carl Cristall : Scratching my invisible Delores : Bless you. The judgments that you tend to pass, On poets you wish to harass, Would give me to swear, Were I unaware, That you are naught but an asset to the Heavenly throne, wherefore I leave you alone.

Holmes: Arrest you! This really is most grati-- most interesting. On what charge do you expect to be arrested? Holmes: [You] handled the Molesey Mystery with less than your usual -- that's to say, you handled it fairly well.

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  3. The African Chief.

And now you're mocking me. Tobias: Oh, a pregnancy test. There's something we never had, huh, Lindsay? Oh, no, we had to create our little Frankenstein monster out of science and money and just a dash of Maeby: I just walked in. Tobias: chuckling Seems like only yesterday you were bursting forth from your mother's fertile womb.

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Tobias: Well most of that money was from the Bluth Company, I mean how Lindsay shoots him a look Tobias Wolowitz: We only did it because you were being a giant dictator. Koothrappali: I thought you said we were going to be nice to him! Wolowitz: That's why I added the "tator". Xander: As if even that's enough to stop the unholy master!

Buffy: to Giles It was boring, old, and English.

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Just like you Yul Brenner. A British Yul Brenner. Buffy: I gave Riley the day off. Joyce: I don't think he thinks of you as a chore, Buffy. Buffy: I know that. Look, I told him to make plans with his friends because I wanted to have you all to myself, okay? Besides, I can see him any time. And I'm sure he'll come over later looking for a little remembers that she is talking to her mother Bible Study!

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Joyce: not buying it for a second Well, good. I mean, just as long as the two of you are spending some quality time with The Lord. Buffy: Oh, we are. Cordelia: Excuse me? We didn't come here to talk about Willow. We came here to do things I can never tell my father about because he still thinks I'm a Michael: And he thought, hang on, I've paid my money, I'm going to have something; so he flips him over, and he fu-- Lynn enters the room Michael: --and fu-- and funnily enough, it lands on its wheels, and it starts first time and they just drive away.

Alan: confused That's the strangest story I've ever heard. Dorothy: Ah, I see some people have already signed your cast. Kevin: Uh, yeah, some of the guys from the team.

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Are you signing it? Dorothy: Correcting it.

There is no K in victory. Oh yeah, and we'll just change this to "Ms. Zbornak eats shittake mushrooms". What was he doing in this piece of sh Hyde: True, but they're not bigger than Barbara's.

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Kelso: Yeah, they are. Eric: You're dreaming. It's like comparing Red walks in Exodus and Deuteronomy, both of which have taught us very valuable lessons! Oh, hi Dad! Hyde: Because Barbara's are bigger than Kitty comes in The Walls of Jericho, which as we all know came tumbling down, right?!

Hyde: Sounds like your dad is losing it. Kelso: Jeez. He's like this now, he's gonna be a total headcase if they shut down the plant. Emmett: I'm sorry to interrupt this little meeting of the minds, but you're not the only ones who find this new regime insufferable. It's obvious that our rotund leader is channeling his sexual energies into the Buy More. In my opinion, our only hope-- Morgan: --is to channel them back into sex, yeah, it's brilliant, Emmett, but where do we find Big Mike a ridiculously out-of-his-league hottie?

Lester: Yeah, someone who'll suck his Mary had a little lamb She also had a duck She put them on the window sill to see if they would Lemon: You know, I always do have trouble telling ages when it comes to black Toofer walks into the room Lemon Lassiter: I have one thing to say to you, Spencer. Kiss my-- a nun walks past Lassiter: Sweet honey buns.

Sean: I don't think you made that any better. Will Betty be the one that he loves truly, Or will it be the one that we'll call Babcock: I'd love to meet the man who's taking you away from Max Niles : Oh, nice save! Babcock: He is throwing money at us, and she didn't even have to put out! The cat! Shirley: What's going on here? Troy: We're trying to get Jeff ready for the fi-iiiiiii Troy: whispers I couldn't think of another word.

Jeff: Idiot. He meant we were figh It is hard to think of another word. Castle: She'd never go for it. She's a real bi Beckett comes in Castle: For the record, I was gonna say "big rule follower.

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  • Carlton: You mean you're a virgin too? Ooh, ugh yucky! Mom: Look at her swarming around, like she did nothing wrong!

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    Katie: coming to grips with things Mom: I want the best for Emily, and she isn't! Katie: How do you know? Mom: Mums knows these things, you realize that some day. Katie: Are you really going to leave dad? Mom: I never thought that we would split up. But then I never thought that I would be evicted from our home, that my daughter would be a dy People always let you down, princess.

    They fuck things up! D'Artagnan: There's nothing like lowering yourself into a soothing, warm body Jacqueline: To see women act like that -- it makes me ashamed to be a Siroc: To be a what? Jacqueline: To be a man who has to see women act like that , that's what. Well, I went for a drive in my pickup truck. I picked up my girl, 'cause I wanted to Show her my gloves, 'cause she had on her mitts, And I blushed brightly when she showed me her Perfume that she buys whenever Avon calls, So I took off my pants, and I showed her my Polka-dot undies!

    I have a sad story to tell you It may hurt your feelings a bit Last night as I walked into my bathroom I stepped in a big pile of Shaving cream, be nice and clean Shave every day and you'll always look keen! When I lived in old New Mexico, they used to call me "Mex". When I lived in old Kentucky, they called me "Old Kentuck". I was born in old Shamokin, which is why they call me "Melvin Rose".

    Nelly is a nice girl, but Hannah is a w hor e -- --rrible prude Bob is a policeman, but Peter is a pimp -- ly and rude young man. You bitch, you bitch, you bitch, You betcha life I'll be okay. Ya whore, ya whore, ya whore, Ya horoscope told you it was the right thing to do today. You slut, you slut, you slut, Use lots of self-control and don't turn around. You cow, you cow, you cow, You count on it, I won't be breaking down. There once was a sailor who looked through the glass Spied a fair mermaid with scales on her-- Island where seagulls flew over their nests.

    She combed the long hair that hung over her-- Shoulders.