Rebirth of Taliesin Angeliad 2006 (Angeliad of Surazeus)

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This epic is named for Hermes, the trickster God of ancient Greece. I may publish excerpts here on occassion as I complete each epyllion. I have placed all those poems and many more in books and ebooks for sale.

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Poems of the Angeliad are on sale in printed books available for sale at my Lulu store. Diamond Eye of God is a book with over a hundred poems about religion and spirituality. It comes in several formats:. The complete list of ebooks can be found at this address: This book is as large as a college chemistry textbook.

Poems of the Angeliad are on salle in ebook format in the Kindle Store. Dylan is one of the very few poets who have been able to channel his energy into the performance and dynamic lyrics of rich complexity.

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  4. Many poets and singers have lots of flash where the energy of their popularity depends on the power of the live performance, whether they are using academic poet voice, slam poet voice, folk singer voice, rock singer voice, or rap singer voice, yet in the end, after we all die, the only thing that is left is the text of the poems.

    Poetry with a grand vision about the history of humanity presented through the complex characters of humans who go on the classic quest for truth better enshrines the dynamic energy of the visionary mind of the poet, and such poetry will last far longer because it presents a coherent vision than poetry of poets who focus more energy on the temporary performance.

    Angeliad 2006 Rebirth of Taliesin

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    • Rebirth of Taliesin Angeliad 2006 (Angeliad of Surazeus).
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