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Oliver Twist. March Peter Hallward: That was the second reason Haiti was poor.

The third has to do with the political steps they took to try and fight this neoliberalism precisely by electing a government that could represent a political alternative to neoliberalism. So, a popular movement develops in the s to fight this tendency, elects a government on an anti-neoliberal agenda in , and the story of Haiti ever since has been really driven by measures taken by the international community and the small Haitian elite to force that government, to force this popular movement, into accepting the neoliberal plan that directly resulted in the impoverishment of a great majority of its people.

The Devil’s Excrement

Jesse Freeston: This has included US-backed coups against the Aristide government both in and In recent years, however, Canada has largely taken over the role of undermining Haitian democracy — this according to Canadian independent journalist and author of Canada in Haiti Anthony Fenton. Anthony Fenton: From the moment Aristide was reelected in until he left, fled, was kidnapped from Haiti in , Canada played a deliberate role undermining him, following in lockstep with the US policy.

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They starved it of loans, starved it of being able to fulfill their democratic mandate. Then, in an unprecedented way Canada played a leadership role as a regional imperial power propping up an illegitimate regime from to , imposing a neoliberal agenda that they had tried for so long to impose on Haiti.

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This is the new face of Canada — this is Canada for the 21st century. Jesse Freeston: Canada has also supported the post-coup criminalization of the Fanmi Lavalas party, but it has been the UN, headed by a Brazilian military, that has been largely tasked for policing social movements.

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Peter Hallward: The main purpose has been to coerce the population into accepting the consequences of the coup. And, by all credible accounts, that government would remain and if it could be elected again tomorrow it would be.

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In he published the acclaimed historical account of post Haitian politics, Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment. He is the editor of the journal Radical Philosophy and a contributing editor to Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities. Danny Glover is a long-time actor and activist. Not only did this help to create the first school of Ethnic Studies in the U.