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Droste visited the castle frequently and made the acquaintance of Wilhelm Grimm. She and her sister contributed folk tales from Westphalia to the Grimms' famous collection of fairy stories. However, neither Grimm nor her step-uncles gave any encouragement to the young girl's literary ambitions. Droste trusted Sprickmann's judgement and showed him many of her early works, including the unfinished tragedy Berta oder die Alpen "Berta, or The Alps", Other examples of her juvenilia are the tale in verse Walter and a novel Ledwina begun in but never completed.

Here she became romantically involved with Heinrich Straube — , a Lutheran law student with literary interests, who was a friend of her step-uncle August von Haxthausen. What happened next is unclear, but it appears that the Haxthausen family, led by Annette's step-aunt Anna who was in fact four years her junior , disapproved of the relationship because Straube was a commoner and devised a scheme to put an end to it.

At first flattered by von Arnswaldt's attentions, Annette gave some indications she was in love with him, before telling him she really loved Heinrich Straube. By this time it was too late, as von Arnswaldt had all the evidence he needed.

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The two men wrote a joint letter which has not been preserved , breaking off all contact with her. She never saw either man again. A few years later, August von Arnswaldt married a widowed Anna von Haxthausen, the ringleader of the intrigue. Straube became a lawyer in Kassel and married in When he died in , a lock of Annette's hair was found among his possessions. The ensuing scandal was a catastrophe for Annette and severely damaged both her reputation and her marriage prospects.

Droste's earliest poems are derivative and conventional but in her work began to show marked originality when she embarked on a cycle of religious poems, Das geistliche Jahr "The Spiritual Year". Droste intended to write one poem for each Sunday and Feast Day of the church year and the cycle was meant to please her devout grandmother, but when Droste had completed 25 poems, she realised they were too personal and showed too many traces of spiritual doubt, so she shelved the work until when a friend persuaded her to complete the series.

Even then she did not publish the poems and they were only offered to the public posthumously in Here she led a constricted, monotonous existence, broken only by a few trips to the Rhine and Bonn. Droste would have preferred a non-regional publisher rather than a Westphalian one as Westphalia had a reputation as a cultural backwater and few people bought books there. The collection appeared in in a print-run of copies, of which only 74 were sold. Although they were issued under the name "Annette Elisabeth von D.

The year marked a turning point in her career, however. Droste disagreed: she had no problem composing poetry in her head but had difficulty writing it down and the failure of her first book had not encouraged her to make the effort. These often have an element of supernatural terror. The pair would never be so close again. Droste's literary productivity declined, but she did compose a few more poems, including the supernatural story "Spiritus familiaris.

This time Droste enjoyed great success and the book received admiring reviews from many important intellectual figures.

annette von Droste-Hülshoff

Clara Schumann asked her to write an opera libretto for her husband Robert the project never came to fruition. In time, Droste was acknowledged as the greatest female German author of the 19th century. When the couple had visited Droste in Meersburg for four weeks in May , the two women had not liked each other. In , he published two novels. The second novel, Eine dunkle Tat , included characters resembling himself and Droste.

The character of Katharina, based on Droste, is maternal and possessive and treats the hero as a substitute child. In the history of German poetry she is an isolated and independent figure. She shares with the Romantic writers an awareness of the power of man's imagination and a keen sense of his exposed and precarious position in a world of danger and mystery. But her poetry has none of the vagueness of emotional mood and the sweetness of sound that characterize theirs.

Nor did she intend that it should. Hilsenberg, W.

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